Scrolling through images of beautiful homes online can feel like the design equivalent of looking at food porn with no recipes. Yes, it's gorgeous. Yes, you want it. But how do you make it at home?

Never fear! Welcome to my new series: "#Why it Works." We'll look at some of the big design trends circulating the inter-webs and decode why they look so good so you can try them, too.

Ready? Let's do this.

Have you seen all that gorgeous floor tile floating around Pinterest and Instagram? Statement tiles are having a real moment. 

What you're seeing is called encaustic tile. It's tile with patterns made from different colored clay or cement so it's embedded throughout and not just painted on top. They've been around for hundreds of years but they're enjoying a renaissance. Once sealed, they're durable, safe in wet areas (although they will wear and fade), and they can feel classic or modern. 

But, whoa, Nelly! They're not light on pattern.

Through the magic of yellow arrows, let's break down why it works.

In this bathroom, you've got two different tiles and some major light fixtures. Why is this beautiful and not chaotic? 

Original image via Instagram @Miss_Moss

Original image via Instagram @Miss_Moss

1. Look carefully...there are only four colors in the whole room and they're all the same intensity. The simple, repetitive color palette creates a connection between each element. 

2. Everything in the room is a little weathered. It's like being in a group where everyone talks at the same volume. No one's voice drowns out the others. 

3. There is a LOT of symmetry and that creates a sense of balance and calm. 

4. There's also a balance between the amount of pattern and blank, white space, so your eye isn't overwhelmed.

Got more thoughts about why this works (or more questions)? Lay them on me! Or, tell me what you want decoded next.

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