19 quick, chic, and cheap tips for a fabulous bath!

I'll take two, please.  Domaine Home

I'll take two, please. Domaine Home

Want a new look for your bathroom in a day? You'd be amazed what you can do with a small amount of time and money. Try a few of these this weekend and transform your bath. 


1.     Don’t just shove it under the counter, great looking storage is easy to find. Decorative wooden or paper boxes, woven baskets, opaque plastic storage boxes, Lucite trays. Just click if you see something you like. The world is your oyster! 

2.     Make use of an empty wall by adding open shelves or Trone slim line wall storage boxes from IKEA.

3.     Take the doors off your vanity and organize the area under the sink with matching bottles and good-looking storage for cool, eclectic open shelving.


4.     Use a bathroom bleach pen to bring dingy grout back to life.

5.     Sink and shower fixtures dull or soap-stained? Pine-Sol works like a charm.


6.     The easiest thing to do to change a bathroom is to pick up a can of paint. If you’ve got a small space, light, soft colors make the walls recede and the room feel open. A large bathroom can become dramatic with bold or dark colors.

7.     Don’t stop at the walls. If you’re not a fan of your vanity, keep painting.

Love this beautiful blue.  Domaine Home

Love this beautiful blue. Domaine Home

8.     Changing the vanity hardware from bright chrome to soft nickel, French gold, or copper can alter the look and feel.

9.     Replace your bathroom mirror. Go modern, vintage, or whatever catches your eye.

This mix of modern and vintage is just perfect. 

This mix of modern and vintage is just perfect. 

10.  Even updating your towel rack, curtain rod and shower curtain rings can make a surprising impact.

11.  Love to have a new color scheme but not able to paint? Bring art to those walls! You can create a gallery with lots of small pieces, bring the outdoors in with nature photographs, or go bold with a large-scale piece.

12.  Bring your personality into the bath. Use open shelving to place a few decorative pieces like a collection of small vases, vintage rubber duckies, or apothecary jars for stylish storage.

13.  Shower curtains and bath mats are great ways to inject a little style into your bathroom. Don’t just choose functional options; pick things that enhance the look.


14.  Replace all your random bottles with matching glass or clear plastic jars. Suddenly your chaotic medicine cabinet looks like a store shelf.

No matter what's inside, they look good.  Home Talk

No matter what's inside, they look good. Home Talk

15.  Use a small tray or antique plate to corral odds and ends on your countertop

16.  Fill a large basket with rolled towels

17.  Speaking of towels, replace your existing set with fluffy white towels. They add a little luxury, feel great, and just a little bleach keeps them looking good.

18.  A small plant on the counter or hung from the ceiling creates a cool living energy in the room.

19.  Make it smell so good with reed diffusers or scented candles.

Got any secrets to a chic bath you'd like to share? I'd love to hear it.

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