10 crazy places to keep your things

Just when you thought you'd found every square inch of storage space your home had to offer... I started searching the interwebs for weird places to keep your things. Getting organized and clutter-free makes me feel calm and secretly, like a boss. Who doesn't want that feeling?

1. Make the most of each step.

2. Turn a must-have wall into a can't live without storage space.

3. Only mildly creepy, this puts every square foot to double-duty.

4. One minute, it's taking you places, the next, it's art.

5. Like a jack in the box for your winter blankets.

6. This streamlined desk turns a cross beam into paper storage space. Just add file boxes.

7. The ultimate pull-out drawer.

8. They had me at the blue giraffe necklace holder, but I also thought turning a vintage tray into storage for a million oddly-sized items was a great idea.

9. It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's your garage fantasy. Whoever thought of this is my superhero.

10. Finally, a place to put those cushions you know you can't leave out all winter.

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