Banish bare walls!

Bare walls. I hate that part of moving. When we moved to LA, we unpacked the boxes at record speed but there was still this weird sense of emptiness and dislocation. All our stuff was here but our new place had no sense of “us” yet. Putting things on the walls makes me feel like I'm really home.

Of course, choosing where to hang things is the hard part. It’s like putting together a familiar puzzle in a new way. It’s hard to imagine a different configuration.

I started by arranging my furniture. It’s easier for me to envision where I could put the art if the rest of the room makes sense. It’s like the bare places that “need” something show up more easily. I play around, leaning the art against walls where I think they might work. Then I leave it for a few days and see how it feels. It makes moving things around and experimenting painless and I’m reasonably sure about things by the time we’re ready to put holes in the walls. (Shawn, aka, Chief Spackler, insists on this.)

But the most important part of this process? Don’t overthink it. I’ve been to many homes where the walls have stayed bare for months and even years. Just grab your hammer and go for it. If you put something on the wall and change your mind, no biggie. Grab a little Spackle (or white toothpaste), patch the hole and move on. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to make you happy to look at. And trust me, it feels better than bare walls.

Need more help to get things on the wall? Here’s a helpful link: How to Hang Art

Wait, need actual art first? Here's a little slideshow inspiration. Click on any image to learn more. 

I also love the site, which offers beautiful pieces at great prices and will create art using images you send them.  Another great find from my friend, Sami.