Fall at home

Yesterday, I got a text from one of my favorite people: my friend, Sami. It was a picture of her first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. For Sami, fall begins with her first sip. Her ritual got me thinking.  

Fall is bittersweet. You say goodbye to a summer packed with days so gorgeous you can’t wait to get outside, an endless supply of perfect fruit, and nights where it feels like the sun will never set.

But for me, fall feels like home. You come back inside. It cools off and life is cozier. And whether you’re mourning the end of summer or reveling in the change of seasons, there is an endless source of inspiration to get you ready to enjoy cooler days ahead.

It always makes me a little sad to see the leaves start to change because soon they’ll be gone, but the party they throw on the way out is amazing. Golden yellows, fiery orange, soft, deep reds and a purple that’s almost black. Even that soft brown the leaves finally turn has a quiet kind of loveliness.

Bring some of it inside. If you’re thinking big, use it as a color palette for a room in your home. Want something more temporary? Take pictures of your friendly neighborhood trees as they change and make your own art. Bring the outdoors in, literally. Collect pinecones, bowls of leaves, or create arrangements of small tree branches in a cool vase. Go green with a container garden of kale, collards, lettuce and sweet potato vine. (Quick note: when you dig out the potato at the end of the season, be prepared for it to look like a long orange alien vegetable. This actually startled me the first time I did it.)

Feeling cozy is my other favorite part of this season. And seriously, I don’t care who you are, we all want a little coziness at home. Make it OK for summer to end by translating the way fall makes you feel into your home. Cool, rainy days you don’t want to go outside, digging out your favorite sweaters, curling up by the fire—these all make me want a place to wrap up in a blanket and let the world go by. So, create a little corner of your home that basically requires you to drink cider and put up your feet. Then let the magic happen. Watch football, read a book, have a game night.

So much of our home is the feeling we have when we’re there. This is your moment. Carve pumpkins.  Bake apple pie. Enjoy it all. And please, save me some pie.