The secret to surviving winter

Those first few snowfalls lure you in with their pillowy white softness. And then, before you know it, you're digging your dog out of a snowbank while wearing six layers of clothes under an ankle-length parka. If recent events in Buffalo are any indication, this winter will be a polar vortex-filled fun fest. So, here's the secret to survival...

Bring something green to life. (Nope, not talking alien reanimation or cloning Kermit.) As you emerge from your post-turkey coma this weekend, try a few of these good-looking and, more importantly, easy ways to add a little green into your space and help you hold on till spring. Enjoy!

Succulents, where have you been all my life? You're gorgeous and indestructible. Want more plants you can't kill?

Why are terrariums so damn cute? Build your own this weekend.

How does your garden grow? Indoors! 20 ways to start an indoor herb garden this weekend.

Bring Florida to you: grow citrus at home.

I'm a sucker for a vertical garden. Then you add yummy stuff and chalkboard paint? Oh William-Sonoma, you sly devil.

Happy planting, everyone! 

What are your secrets for surviving winter?

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