The ultimate kitchen trend roundup for 2015

What is it about a kitchen that can be so functional and so fabulous? I've scoured the web for all that's new, gorgeous, totally clever, and utterly must-have for your kitchen. Curious?

Whether you're contemplating a down-to-the-studs renovation or a quick refresh, here are ideas you won't want to miss.

1. IKEA cabinets are now customizable. Smart companies like Semi Handmade, Super Front, and Kokeena have taken our love of all things IKEA and created beautiful, high-end doors in a variety of styles for a dramatic new look that won't break the bank. The average kitchen has 30 cabinets. If you bought custom cabinets (and not just doors) for that kitchen, prices would range from $15K-45K. IKEA cabinets with custom fronts range from $8K-15K, which includes IKEA hardware, assembly, and installation. 

2. Put your stamp on the kitchen with mismatched cabinetry that captures a look you love.

3. And create storage spaces that fit your lifestyle. 

One of the biggest evolutions in kitchen design is color. Of course, it's no surprise, the options are endless.

4. Love a white kitchen but want to add warmth (or even glamour)? Metal keeps it clean and "polished." :)

5. Or try these neutrals that are anything but boring.

6. Ready for a little drama while you cook? Black is beautiful and classically enduring.

7. Looking for the latest in kitchen innovation that's high on style and durability? Meet Dekton. An engineered countertop that can withstand just about anything (and has the nerve to look incredible). There are a wealth of choices, but here's my favorite.

8. Want great-looking green countertops? Hold on concrete, you got seriously stylish! (Concrete that's locally sourced, poured in place, or that uses low-aggregate ingredients give it eco-cred.) If you want something less industrial, there are plenty of green options to fit your style.

9. Don't be afraid to mix it up. The lines between modern and traditional are blurring...beautifully.

10. There are so many ways to add visual interest to your space. Love texture?

11. Pattern?

12. And wide open spaces?

The world is your oyster. I hope this helps you make a space you love. And per usual, I went crazy on Pinterest researching kitchen design, materials, and inexpensive ways to make your kitchen feel new. Enjoy!

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