Want the secret to a great holiday party?

It’s prime party time. If your inbox is like mine, it’s crammed with emails warning you of dire party mistakes you could make (without even knowing it!) or setting an unattainable bar for party perfection. Forget all that. I’ll let you in on the secret to great parties.

You should have fun.

Stay with me, I’ll explain. When you think about hosting a party, you picture everything you need to do so your guests have an unforgettable time. It's a nice little pressure cooker of expectations.

It's time for a change in perspective.

via  Apartment Therapy

via Apartment Therapy

Step one: Throw the kind of party you'd actually want to go to (not the one you think everyone expects).

via  Food52 from the ceramic studio Sin

via Food52 from the ceramic studio Sin

Step two: Have a great time

If you’re having fun—chatting, dancing, laughing—everyone else will follow your lead.

How do I know this? I threw a big holiday party a few years ago with great music and a totally empty dance floor. So, I grabbed two friends, walked out on the floor, and started dancing. In front of a few hundred people. LONGEST FIVE MINUTES EVER as I waited for people to join in. But then we had a full-on dance party that lasted for hours.

via  Sortra.com

via Sortra.com

Step three: You are not Martha Stewart. And you don’t need to be. This was my big aha. 

The people coming to your party want to pitch in. And, it makes everything more fun and relaxed. Someone wants to bring something? Great! It doesn’t correspond with your party theme? Who cares! Notice a friend in the kitchen busting the suds? Don’t stop them. Hug them and get back to the party.

OK, you’re in on the secret. Now, throw that party. But like any good secret, it’s no fun unless you tell someone else. So pass this along and while you're at it, let us in on your party secrets.  

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