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There’s not a lot of downtime when you run a small business, wait, who am I kidding, there’s not a lot of downtime for anyone… But sometimes, things catch your attention, subtly, and then more persistently, and you realize you’ve got to do something about it.

For me, it was looking back over the last few years and realizing that regardless of the location, the circumstance, or the motivation, the underlying reason my clients called me was simple. They wanted a space where they belonged.

The more obvious this became to me—as an essential part of the life of each project—the more disconnected I felt from the name of my business.

So, while Shawn and I were on vacation this summer, I noodled on it, trying to find a name which encapsulated that sense of belonging we all want.

And, all of the sudden, there it was. Niche.

Two things I love about this word. First, it means a space uniquely suited for you and second, it comes from the French word “nicher” which means nest.


My friend, Heidi Ramos, who is an amazing graphic designer, used the idea of a nest and it’s beautiful symbolism for feeling at home to create a logo I adore and a terrific new website. Thank you, Heidi!

I’m so happy to show you my company’s new look.

Come on in and poke around. I’d love to hear what you think.




And here's an archived post to help you make it a happy, low-stress holiday:

The holidays are coming...ready?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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