#whyitworks--Small Space, Big Statement

We've all been there. Standing forlorn as we look around a little room with fantasies of fabulousness. It feels like all you need to do is move a few walls and everything would come together. But, fear not! Small spaces actually lend themselves to big statements. 

Why does this small bath work? Get ready for my yellow arrows. :)

via Amber Interiors

via Amber Interiors

Let's take it from the arrow at the top.

When you want to make an impact, you need a focal point--a dominant spot that immediately draws your eye in a room. So, what's an easy way to make a focal point? Create symmetry. 

Think about where your eye goes when you look at this picture. It's drawn to the mirror in the middle of the wall. Everything else is centered on that mirror or is perfectly balanced to the right or left, so each piece adds to the impact of the next. 

The arrows on the right point out the next smart thing here: repetition. When you want to make a statement, subtly repeat shapes, colors, or patterns. In this case, you've got three circles in a row. 

The color palette here is carefully chosen. It looks like there's a lot happening, but other than a touch of green and red, it's all black, brown, and off-white. A high-impact color like black is a good way to dial up the intensity in a small space like this. Just use it carefully.

But what really puts this bathroom over the top for me? That tile. It's a clean, geometric pattern made up of the two primary colors in the room, but it's big, bold shapes punch up the whole space. Even better, since all this party is on the floor, the bath isn't overwhelmed by the tile.

Got more thoughts about why this works (or more questions)? I'm ready! Or, tell me what you want decoded next.

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