#whyitworks--Back to black

I'm trying to think of a something I could propose to a client that would get a faster no than "what if we paint your ceiling black?" It feels like an automatic design fail. But, what if it could make your space feel bright and chic? 

Let's take a closer look...

Design and photo credit:  Home Adore

Design and photo credit: Home Adore

1. It all comes down to balance. The ceiling makes a big statement but there is so much white on the walls and natural light in the room that the ceiling doesn’t feel too heavy. (It also helps that the ceilings are high.)

2. Black and white on their own could feel sterile, but the addition of soft wood tones, rich brown leather, natural fibers, and a big, green plant bring it life and make it feel organic and alive. The black and white becomes the backdrop for everything else in the room to shine.

3. The other smart move here? Strategic use of black in other parts of the room. The ceiling isn’t hanging out on it’s own, it’s picked up in several other places in the room, which makes the room feel cohesive.

So, tell us what you think, crazy or cool?

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