#whyitworks--Big Time Color

What is it about taking design risks that feels so nerve-wracking? (Especially, when you're making changes at home.) Do you play it safe or go for it?

When we refinished our floors in black, I almost lost my nerve. The wood was sanded and ready to go and I looked at the light color and thought, "am I nuts?!" But I stuck to my guns and LOVE the way the black floors and white walls provide the perfect backdrop for all the color we brought in to the house. 

So, let's get these yellow arrows going and break down a bold, blue backsplash to see why it feels like every kind of fabulous. 

via Coco Kelley

via Coco Kelley

So, why does this work? 

  1. Think Beyoncè with backup dancers and a wind machine. The tile is the big name celebrity and everything else is there to make it look good. 
  2. The pattern is repetitive and simple. 
  3. The other materials are clean, smooth, and easy on the eyes.
  4. The golden tones in the brass and the wood keeps the blue from feeling cold and lifeless.

Like what you see or want to try this at your house? Tell us about it in the comment section on our site. And, if you have a question for me on how to get started, just ask!

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