#whyitworks--Break the Rules

Certain parts of the house feel like they invite you to do something unexpected. For me, it's small bathrooms, children's rooms, and foyers. 

But how do you break the rules without going overboard? Take a look at this beautiful room from House of Jade.  

via  House of Jade

via House of Jade


Now, wallpaper on the ceiling is not most people's go-to move, but man, does this work! Let's talk why...

  1. The pattern on the ceiling is simple, ethereal, and light, both in color and what's called visual weight. (Just a fancy way to say if something "looks" light or heavy, whether or not it actually is.)
  2. The airy feeling of the wallpaper is counterbalanced with the saturated rug. Keeping your richer, visually heavier colors on or near the floor defines the space without making it feel like the walls are closing in on you. (Just imagine that color on the ceiling.)
  3. I love the way they picked a less noticeable color in the wallpaper for inspiration when choosing the rug. When you repeat a color found elsewhere in the room that's not so noticeable, you make it stand out and subtly create a cohesive feeling in the room without being "matchy".
  4. Like all smart design, there's a lot of breathing room with the white walls, bedding, and curtains. It allows you to appreciate the special elements of the room. 
  5. The dabs of pink in the art and the pillows are subtle but they are a similar intensity to the blue in the rug. So, they add contrast and warmth but aren't overwhelmed by a stronger shade of blue.

Ready to break the rules at your house? Tell us! 

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