#whyitworks--Color, color everywhere!

What is it about a room full of a rainbow of color that looks so good? It's so happy and bright. But, would you feel confident about pulling it off?

Check out this beautiful color explosion from the talented folks at The Design Files and then I'll show you how to get the look.

via The Design Files

via The Design Files

Why does this kaleidoscope of color feel so right when it could have gone so wrong?

  1. Most of the room is actually white or gray, so the color doesn’t hit you in the eye. (Which can be quite painful. 😁) 

  2. The rainbow of colors are almost all on the edges of the room. This is a cool technique because it makes your eye move around in a circle taking it all in rather than trying to look everywhere at once. Then there are just a few subtle places in the center of the room where the colors show up again that make it all feel cohesive.

  3. It's not a mix of pale pastels and deep jewel tones. The colors are all the same mid-level intensity. Even the whites and grays feel bright.

  4. There is one wood tone that gets repeated all over the room, which adds depth and balance to all the playful colors.

  5. The room feels like there are a million colors but if you look carefully, it’s really just different shades of yellow, blue/green, red/orange, and pink. Repeating the colors or doing subtle variations keep things from feeling busy. 

So...want to give it a go at your house? 

Tell us about it in the comment section on our site. And, if you have a question for me on how to get started, just ask!

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