#whyitworks--Modern Bohemian

The idea of a bohemian space can sound enticing. Layered, ethnic patterns paired with bold, rich colors, and lots and lots of stuff. Done well, it's a beautiful mess. But, what if you're looking for a balance between "more is more" and a simpler, streamlined look? Is modern bohemian a thing? Well, since you asked... 

via My Domaine

via My Domaine

Why does this modern meets bohemian bedroom work? Simply put: smart choices.

Working from the ground up, the tone for the room is set with the rug. It’s a bohemian embrace of pattern and art but the salmon and navy colors are classic and the graphic, repetitive pattern feels structural and not chaotic.

Each furniture piece has clean, simple lines and creates a modern foundation that welcome a few eclectic touches.

Yes, there is an ethnic pattern pillow explosion on the bed but the duvet calms it all down with soft, regular stripes. 

Final smart move? The bohemian elements of the bed stand out against a minimal, airy backdrop of crisp white paint and light wood tones.

Want to give it a try? Tell us all about it in the comments section. Or, ask me a question and I'll help you get started.

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