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I'm pretty sure we all fall into one of two categories with our homes. Either you've got a lot of space and you don't want it to go to waste or you love living small and need to make the most of every square foot. (I'm in the latter.) So, let's take a look at how to turn an unused spot into a legit workspace. Cue my yellow arrows!

via  The Decoist

via The Decoist

Why does this little nook from feel like a separate room?

1. Chalkboard paint makes it feel separate from the rest of the room and the dark color makes the space feel deeper. (The key takeaway is that you make the space feel different from the rest of the room no matter what color you decide to use.)

2. Using the walls on either side of the desk to display art makes the space feel 3-dimensional. If they were bare, you’d only notice the back wall and it wouldn't feel like it’s own room.

3. White shelving on one side of the desk does two pretty cool things: it makes the desk seem wider (which makes you feel like the space is bigger) and it creates this cool pairing with the white wall across from it which might otherwise go unnoticed. 

Want to try this at your house? Tell us about it in the comment section. And, if you have a question for me on how to get started, just ask!

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