#whyitworks--Open Shelves

Do you ever look at those kitchens with open shelving and think, "who are these people"? Most of us need our cabinet doors to hide the realities of life. We're not curating beautiful dish displays, we're making dinner! 

But they always look so good, they give me shelf-envy. So, why do they work? It's weirdly simple. Ready for the yellow arrows?

via  Apartment Therapy

via Apartment Therapy

Even when they seem eclectic, all the pieces have a strong relationship to each other. These all share a style (in this case, rustic and handmade). Even the art has a simple, handmade vibe. And, they repeat colors for consistency--in this case, a tight palette of green, white, and brown with a few accents.

OK, let's try another example.

via  Apartment Therapy

via Apartment Therapy

This beachy cottage look works by bringing together lots of colors that are equally bright and cheery, and they all work well against a crisp, white backdrop.  Most importantly, everything feels like they belong together. 

Alright, the last one is my personal favorite.

via  My Paradissi

via My Paradissi

They made the same smart choices as our other shelfie stars. All the pieces look like they'd be friends in real life with related colors and styles. And, like our bright and beachy shelves, they took it one step further and made little collections of similar objects. So, you've got great little tea pots and cool stacks of plates that make the shelves feel curated. 

Ready to create some shelf envy? Tell us about it!

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