#whyitworks--Stylish Bookshelves

Fabulous bookshelves are like open shelves in your kitchen. Yes, you want them. You may even "need" them. But how?? 

The key to get your bookshelves gorgeous? Editing. You're prioritizing form over function. Sure, it's a little challenging, but it's so worth it. You want to look at your books for their shape, colors, and size rather than their topics. You're making them into art so content and topical cataloguing goes out the window...

via  MyDomaine

via MyDomaine

So, why is this bookcase stylish perfection?

  1. Simple but sophisticated book colors bring white shelves to life. Black creates contrast and the greens and browns make it feel organic and clean. 
  2. The books divide each shelf into a series of spaces to add cool stuff. They are the platforms to make small items stand out and the niches for larger accessories. 
  3. The accessories make sense together. They each have a natural/handmade vibe, so no pieces is so different it's all you notice. 
  4. Little objects are beefed up as part of a group or by books so they feel as big as the larger objects. That makes everything feel balanced.
  5. The small things are in front and big things are in back, which creates a sense of depth that’s fun to look at.

In the spirit of full disclosure, we have shelves like this in our house. Does that mean that a number of our books are hidden away because they didn't fit the design? Yes. Do I care? Not one bit. (My husband may disagree but he does love the look. Thanks, honey!)

Want to give it a try, tell us all about it in the comments section. Or, ask me a question and I'll help you get started.

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